Our Mission: To change the odds for business owners so they have a greater chance to survive & thrive. 

Building a Business is Hard

4impactdata was founded by entrepreneurs who have experienced all the ups and downs of building businesses. From day one, the odds are stacked against you. Even with today’s advancements, 50% of all new businesses fail within five years.

We Were Frustrated…If Only Someone Could Have Warned Us

Many of us keep learning business lessons the hard way. It’s frustrating to realize that other business leaders experienced the same problems and could have warned us before we made the same mistakes.

There Had to be a Better Way….What One Thing Could Make a Difference?

Many successful entrepreneurs have two to three failed businesses before they get it right. Our extensive research identified one thing that could change the odds for businesses by 70%: access to the wisdom and experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

What if we could scale wisdom?

The breakthrough came with the realization that if we could scale wisdom effectively, we could drastically change the odds for countless businesses. This led to the creation of our solution.


The Answer: AI Business Guidance System with Codified Wisdom

Our innovative system captures essential knowledge and integrates it with AI to continuously learn from the collective experiences of business owners.

Easy to use and affordable

We’ve designed our AI Business Guidance System to be easy to implement and affordable, because we believe it can revolutionize the small to medium-sized business landscape, helping businesses not just survive but truly thrive.


The Old Way

Keep Learning Lessons the Hard Way

Spend energy, staff and resources only to repeat the same mistakes.

Overwhelmed With Data

Implementing custom tools can be a time and money suck.

Months Implementing Custom Tools

Too much data, not enough power or resources to analyze it.

Accelerated Failure

Over 50% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years.
With the development of AI, this will accelerate.

The New Way

Connected Insight

Take advantage of shared experiences, data and market trends.

Harness the Power of AI for SMB

Use the immense power and strength of AI – Get early warnings, Predictions and Suggested Actions.

Affordable and Fast

Use the immense power and strength of AI – Get early warnings, Predictions and Suggested Actions

Businesses Surviving and Thriving

AI driven guidance will accelerate the winners.

The 4ID Business Guidance System – The System That Will Make You Thrive – Not Just Survive.