Here’s The Problem: In today’s world you don’t have time to learn business lessons the hard way.

In today’s AI era, we have to get further faster—there’s no time to learn from only our mistakes to survive the rapid pace of business.

AI is going to accelerate failure for businesses that don’t adapt.

AI will push the statistic that 50% of new businesses fail within five years to even higher rates. Not adapting means risking faster failure.

The Answer: Speed up the learning curve. Leverage the collective wisdom of others with the power of AI. Codified Wisdom.

Accelerate your business by avoiding mistakes made by others, continually monitor trends and patterns, get more accurate and timely predictions, dynamically see how you compare to other companies, and not only get early warnings of potential issues but get specific guidance on what to do about it.

You’ve Got It Now. Get the business guidance you need all in one place:
The 4ID AI Business Guidance System.

“4ID provides a high-level view of our entire organization. It enables us to see the big picture while clearly identifying the most critical issues/opportunities we face as an organization.”