Our Mission:

To change the odds for business owners so they have a greater chance to survive and thrive

99% of all US companies are small to medium sized businesses

50% of new businesses fail within 5 years

If we could change the odds by even a fraction, it could positively impact thousands of companies, jobs, and communities.”


Have a positive impact on 1,000,000 people in communities by helping 10,000 companies survive and thrive

At 4impactdata, we’re just getting started. We’re dedicated to transforming businesses and communities

The 4ID way

Make a difference

Be a Go Giver

Continuous Learning

Fun-Loving Attitude

You Know Your Business. We Can Show You How To Guide It.

Over 50 years in the data space. Our team has worked with the industry leaders, and now we’re ready to work with you.

Eric Eager, Co-Founder and CEO

Eric Eager is a “recovering CPA” with a love for technology.  He is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for helping businesses.  He brings a wide breath of experiences in business, analytics, and life lessons from startup to exit.
Before co-founding 4impactadata, he helped lead and grow BizNet Software to over 50 employees with 25,000+ users in over 52 countries.  It received the Inc 5000 award for the fastest growing companies 3 years in a row before successfully being acquired by TA Associates.
When he isn’t working on 4impactdata, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and twin sons, poorly playing golf, good music, and sharing dumb dad jokes with all who might listen.

Chris Hagans, Co-Founder and CTO

Chris is our Chief Technology Officer
but is known less formally as the technical guy, the team leader who sets the pace internally for projects and provides solutions for client problems using technology. He loves understanding how and why things are occuring – an interest that is particularly useful for clients and team members alike.
His expertise is in his certifications, being an AWS Solutions Architect and holding a Big Data & Analytics Competency certification.
When he’s not in the office, Chris is probably enjoying time spent with his family, watching his children’s sporting events, outdoors hunting or fishing, or giving a friendly “Jeep wave” to other Jeep-owning-passerbys.

Marty Carney, Co-Founder and CSO

When it comes to roles, Marty wears many different hats, but you can think of him as a business and strategy expert. He brings decades of experience to the table and has been working in the data technology industry since the 1990’s.
As a Co-Founder of 4impactadata, Marty uses his passion and knowledge towards helping customers gain access to the right questions about their data.
Outside of work, you can find Marty spending time with his family, studying and listening to Jazz, mastering his woodworking skills, or going on a hike.